Inventory Tracking: Tasks (Level 3)

  • Managing information about inventory requests and report on inventory operations
    • Shall an MES manage inventory requests and create reports about material movements?
    • How shall inventory requests be triggered? 
    • Shall inventory requests be checked, that replenishment orders cover several process orders?
    • Shall replenishment orders be implemented?
    • Shall all inventory movements for a batch be displayed in one report?


  • Generating or updating of records related to the transfer of material
    • Shall an MES generate information about material movements or alter those?
    • Shall transport order, that consist of n parts of a transport route, document the finalization of a part of the route?
    • Shall material relocations be captured and documented?


  • Providing an inventory response
    • Shall an MES respond to information about inventory and activities?
    • Shall external systems (e.g. Disposition systems of logistic contractors) be able to request data from the MES?
    • Shall the ERP be able to request inventory data in aggregated form?