MES Wizard

MES Wizard is a tool to support the planning process of MES projects.

This tool helps to consider typical questions regarding the specification, engineering, implementation and subsequent system management of MES solutions in a systematic way. The questions are based on the functions defined in IEC 62264 and also take into account aspects of systems technology which are relevant to design the required IT infrastructure. The user can individually extract questions relevant to the case in hand and export them as a pdf document.

This tool is targeted at persons who are or will be entrusted with planning and operating MES solutions in the process industry. It provides support:

  1. in defining operational tasks in co-operation with interdisciplinary players within a company,
  2. in identifying the scope of functions of an MES solution for a given operational task and
  3. in specifying general infrastructural requirements.

Given its clear and straightforward structure, this list of questions may also serve as an introduction into MES.

This tool complements worksheets NA 110 and NA 128.


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