WG 3.3 Weighing and Filling


The "Weighing and Filling" working group addresses issues including the following topics in the context of its experience exchange, its concept developments, formulation of requirements to be met by automation solutions and its involvement in national and international standardisation:

  • Definition of user requirements for the development of weighing and filling technology
  • Standardisation of equipment and methods of testing
  • Monitoring, interpretation and the consulting during implementation of national and international standards, laws and regulations
  • Sharing of expericences/opinions about measuring methods and measuring instruments
  • Communication with testing organisations and government agencies
  • Communication with manufacturers of weighing and filling technology


  • Prevention of additional costs over the whole lifecycle
  • Maintenance/Increase of technical competence in weighing and filling technology
  • Avoidance of additional costs through incorrect interpretation of national and international standards, laws and regulations
  • Support for plant operators to comply with their duties

Recommendations and worksheets

Please refer to the following list for recommendations (NE) and worksheets (NA) managed by the working group:

No. ▾ Title Edition Responsible Subject area Info
0034NA 034 Quality Assurance for Weighing Technology Systems
Qualitätssicherung für wägetechnische Einrichtungen
WG 3.3 Weighting Abstract
0040NA 040 Dosing Accuracy of Continuous Scales
Dosiergenauigkeit von kontinuierlichen Waagen
WG 3.3 Weighting Abstract
0056NA 056 Marking of Test (Calibration) Equipment for QA Measures in Weighing Systems
Kennzeichnung von Prüfmitteln (Kalibriermitteln) für QS-Maßnahmen in der Wägetechnik
WG 3.3 Weighting Abstract
0069NA 069 Requirements for Laboratory Scales
Anforderungen an Laborwaagen
WG 3.3 Weighting Abstract
0082NA 082 Brief Introduction to the Calibration Law for Scales and Filling Systems
"Eichgesetz kurz und bündig" für Waagen und Abfüllanlagen
WG 3.3 Weighting Abstract
0125NE 125 Wire Colours on Weighing Cell Connections and Weighing Cell Cables
Aderfarben von Wägezellen-Anschlüssen und Wägezellen-Kabeln
WG 3.3 Weighting Abstract


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