Association Membership

The NAMUR Articles of Association also allow entities that pursue engineering or scientific objectives to become members of NAMUR. These may include organisations and societies.

The following conditions should be observed in this respect:


If an association is a NAMUR member, the association's office and its staff are also members.

A company which is a member of an association is not also automatically a member of NAMUR. These companies require a separate membership, insofar as this is possible under the Articles.

If association members are exclusively individuals, these individuals may not become members of NAMUR. In the event of the association becoming a NAMUR member, the association’s office and its staff also become members of NAMUR.

Participation in NAMUR's Annual General Meeting

As NAMUR members, staff of the association's office may attend the NAMUR Annual General Meeting. The name of the association should be specified accordingly on the registration form for the Annual General Meeting. Employees of member companies or individual members of the association may not attend the Annual General Meeting.
NAMUR Recommendations and -Worksheets

Access to NAMUR Recommendations and -Worksheets

Access to the NAMUR Recommendations and Worksheets is generally restricted to employees of the association’s office, who have automatically acquired access as part of their NAMUR membership.