Inventory Analysis: Tasks (Level 3)

  • Analyzing inventory efficiencies and resource usage in order to improve operations
    • Shall an MES evaluate the utilization of the warehouse and the asset utilization to identify improvement potentials
    • Shall the evolution of warehouse levels be measured over time?
    • Shall the analysis of transport time be documented?
    • Shall the average storage duration per unit be documented by the MES
    • Shall the remaining run time of each unit be evaluated?
    • Shall the level of delivered units be documented?
    • Shall the difference in inventory w.r.t. storage location be evaluated?
    • Shall the MES highlight the proportion of double cycle of each control device?


  • Resource traceability analysis
    • Shall the MES generate the traceability for resources?
    • Which material/equipment was used for each activity?
    • Which materials were used per activity?
    • Which personnel was utilized in which activity?


  • Generation of inventory indicators
    • Shall the MES generate KPI´s for warehouse management?
    • Shall the MES Analyse and document the average interruption in cold chain operation?
    • Shall the utilization in materials / Equipments be documented?
    • Shall the number of relocations per unit be documented?
    • Shall a report about error messages be generated?
    • Shall the proportion of replenishments be documented by the MES?
    • Shall process order run times be evaluated?
    • Shall the MES evaluate the delivery times against expected delivery times?