Membership Subscription

The membership subscription (valid from 2017-01-01) is:

  • 1,125 € for companies with less than 100 employees
  • 2,250 € for companies with less than 1,000 employees
  • 4,500 € for companies with less than 10,000 employees
  • 9,000 € for companies with 10,000 employees or more
  • Other legal entities pay the lowest annual fee € 1,125.

For calculating the subscription for a group membership the number of employees can be summarised.

An additional fee is charged for the password required to download NAMUR Recommendations and Worksheets, if access is desired.

Members of working groups do their work on a voluntary basis, which means that they pay for their travel, own hotel accommodation and meals.

Contribution Rules

Here you will find the contribution rules.