WG 4.23 Robotics


The "Robotics" working group deals with the following topics, among others, as part of its exchange of experience, its concept developments, its formulation of requirements for automation solutions and its participation in national and international standardization: Inspection robotics, such as walking robots, driving robots and drones, among others.

  • Improved basis for application implementations
  • Action guide for the implementation of a value-based robot application
  • Reconciliation of opinions and interpretations
  • Access to regulated bodies
  • Active influence on norms and standards to safeguard user interests
  • Avoidance of additional costs due to incorrect interpretation of laws and standards
  • Assistance for the operator to comply with his operator obligations
  • Improved initial situation through targeted consultation of offices and authorities or notified bodies
  • Forum for professional exchange


  • Build up assessment competence , experience exchange and knowledge transfer regarding new approaches to IT/OT cooperation and interaction
  • Identification of economic potential and implementation of synergies through technical and organisational IT/OT convergence
  • Identification of the risks and opportunities entailed by the use of modern IT/OT structures and organisations, e.g. regarding plant safety, availability, cost efficiency and productivity
  • Modern, reliable and efficient solutions by using the best of both worlds

Recommendations and worksheets

Please refer to the following list for recommendations (NE) and worksheets (NA) managed by the working group:

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