WG 1.10 PCS-Engineering


The "PCS Engineering" working group addresses issues including the following topics in the context of its experience exchange, its concept developments, formulation of requirements to be met by automation solutions and its involvement in national and international standardisation:

  • A non-proprietary, standardised configuration list
  • Creation and further development of a standardised, non-proprietary, bi-directional interface between CAE and process control systems 
  • Mechanisms and data structures for the exchange of basic functions and functional diagrams (SFC, CFC) which extend beyond system limitations 
  • Methods for the design and configuration of automation systems


  • Creation of data integrity which extends beyond system limitations
  • Time and cost savings through standardisation and plausibility testing
  • Bi-directional communication between the PCS and planning system extending beyond the commissioning period
  • Reduction of lifecycle costs through simplified importing of changes 
  • Reuse of information structures
  • Avoidance of double entries and manual error sources during data transfer

Recommendations and worksheets

Please refer to the following list for recommendations (NE) and worksheets (NA) managed by the working group:

No. ▾TitleEditionResponsibleSubject areaInfoComments
0062NA 062PCT Conecpt
WG 1.10EngineeringAbstract
0150NE 150Standardised NAMUR-Interface for Exchange of Engineering-Data between CAE-System and PCS Engineering Tools
Standardisierte NAMUR-Schnittstelle zum Austausch von Engineering-Daten zwischen CAE-System und PCS-Engineering-Werkzeugen
WG 1.10EngineeringAbstract


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