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MES Guideline


The use of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) such as those described in NA 94, are steadily gaining in importance. Due to this increasing relevance and the high complexity of MES-functions, the correct design and operation of MES’ are very important and require an MES-engineer to take a multitude of technical and administrative questions into account. Whereas these questions are, in the opinion of the authors, insufficiently documented and depend strongly on experience, a comprehensive consideration of these questions is essential for the success of an MES-solution


This document aims to expound typical common questions which arise during MES design, implementation and subsequent system support. Thus, this document complements NA 110 and NA 128. A catalog of questions is presented with the intention of clarifying the main functions and considerations encountered when translating IEC 62264 (ISA95) into the required IT solution. The order of the questions listed in the guideline is based on the content- structure of that standard.

The target group are those people engaged with designing and operating MES-solutions in the process industries.

This document is intended to support:

  1. The technical realization of the specified functions i.e. the specification of the system based on the defined requirements
  2. The identification and realization of general (infra)structural requirements.


This guideline is intended to provide MES project teams from designers, project engineers, management staff to operators with compact and practical information that should be considered when designing or operating an MES. Absolute completeness cannot be achieved here. Rather this paper should be seen as complementary to NA 110 and NA 128. Due to its question structure and compact form, it is relevant for the complete MES lifecycle and should facilitate entry into this topic.

This Wiki was created by NAMUR Work Group 2.4 (MES).