About Us

NAMUR, the "User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries", is an international association of user companies (established in 1949) and represents their interests concerning automation technology. NAMUR numbers over 150 member companies. The achievement of added value through automation engineering is at the forefront in all NAMUR member company activities. NAMUR conducts a frank and fair dialogue with manufacturers.

NAMUR represents several thousand process control technology specialists, with around 300 participating almost in 40 working groups involved in the areas of

  • measurement,
  • controls,
  • automation,
  • communication,
  • process management and
  • electrical engineering

covering the entire plant life cycle from

  • planning,
  • procurement,
  • installation,
  • operation and
  • maintenance
  • to decommissioning.

Important results of the exchange of experience in the working groups are published as NAMUR recommendations and worksheets.

NAMUR has been active in China since 2009 to promote the exchange of experience under local Chinese conditions ("NAMUR Activities in China").

NAMUR cooperates with national and international associations which represent user interests and is active in relevant standardisation committees.


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