Our Goals

Reliable processes thanks to automation competence:

  • Development of practical working results, taking safety, environmental protection and health into consideration. NAMUR believes in acting responsibly with a view to achieving sustainability and is committed to the principles of responsible care.
  • Proposed solutions are formulated on the basis of a holistic approach to process technology processes, taking the lifecycle costs of devices and systems into consideration.

Cost savings by the use of synergy effects:

  • Experience exchange among its member companies and partners
  • Discussion and communication of user interests
  • Exchange of information on current issues
  • Division of labour

Definition of requirements:

  • Definition of minimum requirements relating to equipment and systems
  • Fair dialogue with manufacturers: Experience reports from application technology practice to improve product quality, avoid excessive product diversity and achieve cost advantages for users and manufacturers
  • Identification of development needs from future automation technology and digitalization requirements

Active influencing of regulations:

  • Active cooperation in national and international standardisation through
    inclusion of user requirements
  • Influencing of standardisation committees, authorities and supervisory bodies to actively design industry standards and to prevent cost-increasing standards alien to the industry

Focussing on the future:

  • Addressing of future issues of relevance for process control
  • Promotion of developments relevant to practical applications

Securing up-and-coming engineering talent

  • Depiction of the significance of automation technology and digitalization in the process industry to attract qualified up-and-coming talent
  • NAMUR honours outstanding final theses (degree/masters and promotion) in the area of intelligent process management with the NAMUR AWARD.