WG 2.2 Process Operation


The "Process Operation" working group addresses issues including the following topics in the context of its experience exchange, its concept developments, formulation of requirements to be met by automation solutions and its involvement in national and international standardisation:

    • Data analysis methods
    • Steady-state/dynamic modelling and simulation
    • Training systems (e.g. Operator Training Simulator)
    • Regulatory control
    • Advanced Process Control
    • Optimisation of process operation strategies
    • Process Monitoring and Diagnosis

    Process Operation as a part of automation technology forms an interface between

      • Process Engineering
      • Control System Technology
      • Control Engineering
      • Information Technology
      • Project Management


        • Recommendations and exchange for application of  technologies and solutions
        • Evaluation of new solutions
        • Efficient implementation of established process operation solutions
        • Prevention of unprofitable investments
        • Initiation of further well-focused development
        • Promotion of practical, standardised solutions
        • Actively influence norms and standards to protect users interests
        • Further development of existing products aligned with user requirements

        Recommendations and worksheets

        Please refer to the following list for recommendations (NE) and worksheets (NA) managed by the working group:

        No. ▾TitleEditionResponsibleSubject areaInfoComments
        0054NA 054Examples of successful Applications involving Advanced Process Control Strategies
        Beispiele für erfolgreiche Anwendungen von gehobenen Prozessführungsstrategien
        WG 2.2Recipe Based Operation and Plant ControlAbstract
        0060NA 060Management of Training Simulator Projects
        Management von Trainingssimulatorprojekten
        WG 2.2Recipe Based Operation and Plant ControlAbstract
        0087NA 087Process Management for Small and Medium Plants
        Prozessführung für kleine und mittlere Anlagen
        WG 2.2Recipe Based Operation and Plant ControlAbstract
        0096NA 096Process Diagnostics – Status Report
        Prozessdiagnose – Ein Statusbericht
        WG 2.2SystemsAbstract
        0113NA 113Online Analytics for Process control
        Online-Analytik zur Prozessführung
        WG 2.2SensorsAbstract
        0119NA 119Six Sigma in Process Industries
        Six Sigma in der Prozessindustrie
        WG 2.2EngineeringAbstract
        0140NA 140Procedure for Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Chemical Plants – Contribution of Automation Engineering
        Vorgehensweise zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz in chemischen Anlagen – Beitrag der Automatisierungstechnik
        WG 2.2OptimisationAbstract
        0152NE 152Controller Performance Management: Monitoring and Optimisation of regulatory control in production plants
        Regelgütemanagement: Überwachung und Optimierung der Basisregelung von Produktionsanlagen
        WG 2.2Recipe Based Operation and Plant ControlAbstract


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