WG 0.1 Communication & Collaboration

Focus questions

The working group "Communication & Collaboration" addresses the following topics:

  • How can NAMUR improve its external image and increase participation in working groups?
  • How can modern collaboration platforms support the information flow and cooperation within and between working groups?
  • How can NAMUR attract and develop future talent for the process and automation industry?
  • How can NAMUR better communicate the recommendations and topics of its working groups to the public?

Goals and benefits

Externally, the Communication & Collaboration Work Group (WG), formed from the merger of the WG 0.1 University Contacts and WG 0.3 Communication, aims to promote the recommendations of NAMUR groups to the public.
Internally, the group aims to improve the communication and the cooperation between the NAMUR working areas and its sub-devisions through modern media.
The group seeks to engage students and doctoral candidates in automation technology for the process industry and integrate automation technology knowledge into university curriculums to combat the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

Current projects and developments

  • Establishing requirements for collaboration platforms for NAMUR
  • Expanding the target audience for the NAMUR Award
  • Engaging students in innovative ways, such as at the NAMUR annual general meeting
  • Maintaining and expanding university contacts

Recommendations and worksheets

Please refer to the following list for recommendations (NE) and worksheets (NA) managed by the working group:

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