WG 1.8 Assembly and Startup Support


The "Assembly and Startup Support" working group addresses issues including the following topics in the context of its experience exchange, its concept developments and the formulation of requirements to be met by installation solutions:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Function test
  • Change management
  • Standard performance specifications
  • Installation planning
  • Quality control
  • Connection technology/Cable laying technology
  • Materials management for assembly/installation


    • Creation of a uniform basis for handling installation projects through the definition of different methods in the standard performance specifications/installation planning/quality control area
    • Cost savings through harmonising of systems and use of the improved calculation basis

    Recommendations and worksheets

    Please refer to the following list for recommendations (NE) and worksheets (NA) managed by the working group:

    No. ▾TitleEditionResponsibleSubject areaInfoComments
    0117NA 117PCT installation documents, functional testing and personnel qualifications
    PLT-Montageunterlagen, Funktionsprüfung sowie Personalqualifikationen
    WG 1.8EngineeringAbstract
    0181NA 181Quality control of all electrical work sections during installation
    Montagebegleitende Qualitätskontrolle aller elektrotechnischen Gewerke
    WG 1.8EngineeringAbstract


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