WG 3.4 Control Valve


The "Control Valve" working group addresses issues including the following topics in the context of its experience exchange, concept developments, formulation of requirements to be met by automation solutions and its involvement in national and international standardisation:

  • Determination of requirements specially pertaining to control valves used in the chemical industry
  • Market monitoring, evaluation of innovations
  • Organisation and evaluation of type testing
  • Representation of operator interests with respect to manufacturers
  • Harmonisation of device operation and planning
  • Diagnostic options through digital positioners and intelligent limit switches
  • Evaluation of the effects of the Machinery Directive and other regulations on control valves
  • Design recommendations for actuators to be mounted on on/off valves
  • Selection criteria for different control valve types


  • Identification of economic potential where control valves are used (e.g. selection of the optimum control valve type relative to process engineering constraints)
  • Active influencing of norms and standards to safeguard user interests and avoid more costly standards
  • Influencing the development of equipment with regard to technology, procurement and maintenance costs, taking uniform requirements into consideration
  • Increasing of plant availability and extension of inspection deadlines through the use of diagnostic systems
  • The exchange of experience avoids duplication of efforts

Recommendations and worksheets

Please refer to the following list for recommendations (NE) and worksheets (NA) managed by the working group:

No. ▾TitleEditionResponsibleSubject areaInfoComments
0004NE 004Mounting of Positioners/ Position Transmitters to Actuators
Anbau von Stellungsreglern/ Stellungsrückmeldern an Stellantrieben
WG 3.4ValvesAbstract
0014NE 014Attachment of Pneumatic Part-Turn Actuators to Valves
Anschluss von pneumatischen Schwenkantrieben an Armaturen
WG 3.4ValvesAbstract
0019NE 019Mounting of Solenoid Valves to Part Turn Actuators
Anbau von Magnetventilen an Schwenkantrieben
WG 3.4ValvesAbstract
0080NE 080The Application of the Pressure Equipment Directive to Process Control Devices
Anwendung der Druckgeräte-Richtlinie auf PLT-Geräte
WG 3.4ValvesAbstract
0167NE 167Common technical delivery conditions for valves, actuators and PCS field devices
Gemeinsame technische Lieferbedingungen für Armaturen, Stellgeräte und PLT-Feldgeräte
WG 3.4ValvesAbstract


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