LinkedIn – Web Based Support for NE 93 offers a web based reporting and analysis tool for malfunctions on safety instrumented systems (field feedback). In parallel these information can be used to derive the proof of “Prior Use” status. Hence, it fulfills the requirements of IEC 61511 Ed.2, VDI/VDE 2180 and the German Major Accidents Ordinance (Störfallverordnung / 12. BImSchV).

A simple user interface with intelligent guidance supports an easy data entry. Fault data have to be verified until final acceptance. Data will be analyzed automatically and parameters relevant for functional safety will be calculated for the most important measurement principles. For more comprehensive analyses or graphical representations a csv-based download capability is provided.

Inside a company all analyses can be done at different hierarchical levels. Thus, the effectiveness of the E&I safety concept can be proofed across the company. Furthermore, data can be compared and benchmarked against global anonymized NAMUR-data.

With the information obtained and the parameters determined it can be shown that in many cases the devices used are much more reliable than indicated by manufacturers. As a result longer proof test intervals will be possible and support a longer uninterrupted production. is client-based, ensures a secure data encapsulation and can be used worldwide. Currently German and English language versions are available.