Maintenance Tracking: Tasks (Level 3)

  • Generating or updating records related to the maintained equipment condition and usability
    • Are there any legal or other requirements regarding the type and scope of the maintenance documents? (burden of proof)
    • Which information plays a role here?
    • In which time intervals should these be generated or updated?
    • Who should have access to these documents?
    • Are KPIs calculated to optimize e.g. maintenance intervals
    • Are there interfaces to determine the maintenance strategy (crash, predictive, preventive)
    • Are Repair-/Maintenance costs linked to Equipment?


  • Tracking the state of the equipment used to perform the maintenance
    • How do we realize that there is a need for a new test specification?
    • Which system manages this information?
    • Which information is relevant?
    • Are regular checks and calibrations of the measurement equipment necessary?
    • Are there any consumption materials, which need to be ordered at regular intervals?