Maintenance Dispatching: Tasks (Level 3)

  • Resources not assigned as part of the detailed maintenance schedule may be assigned by the maintenance dispatching activity 
    • Are standard processes defined for this type of maintenance activities?
    •  Who coordinates these maintenance activities?
    • Who prioritizes these activities, carries out capacity planning and resource allocation?
    • How detailed is the work preparation for unplanned requirements (problem/solution analysis)?
    • How is the handover to maintenance personnel performed?
    • What is the completion confirmation procedure to the remitter?
    • What happens if the problem cannot be solved (missing parts)?
    • What are the decision-making powers in general?
    • How is this documented?
    • Are plan adherence and deviations monitored?
    • How are resource/priority/goal conflicts resolved within the maintenance plan?
    • Is the information reported as KPIs?