Quality Performance Analysis: Tasks (Level 3)

  • Analyzing production data for trends of critical quality indicators
    • Should an MES offer opportunities to analyze and evaluate quality data?
    • Which quality key figures exist and how are they formed from the process data?
    • From which systems are the necessary process data obtained?
    • Which interfaces exist for this?
    • Does the process data have to be preprocessed?
    • Is the determination of the process data dependent on other factors (control strategies, products, ...)?
    • How are the ratings regarding the target quality made from the quality indicators?
    • What should a software support of these measures look like (visualization, operation, ...)?
    • Who will work with these metrics and from where?
    • If the key figures are user-specific, e.g. are there different levels of detail?


  • Determining the accuracy of the quality tests execution 
    • Should an MES offer opportunities to analyze and evaluate the performance of quality tests?
    • According to which criteria should past test procedures be evaluated?


  • Determining the cause of quality analysis problems
    • Should an MES offer assistance in finding reasons for quality analysis problems?


  • Recommending actions to correct identified problems, including correlating the symptoms, actions, and results
    • Should an MES offer assistance in initiating corrective actions for identified analysis problems?


  • Providing information for use in supplier evaluations
    • Should an MES provide information that can be used to evaluate suppliers or claim deliveries?