Quality Test Data Collection: Tasks (Level 3)

  • Collect test results and making these results available for other use
    • Are manual data entries allowed or necessary?
    • Is data automatically acquired from measuring devices?
    • Where is the data stored, maintained and archived? For how long?
    • Who has access to which data?
    • Are there any ISA95 functions that use the data ?, e.g. Quality Test Tracking and Quality Performance Analysis.
    • In which format and which quality must the data be available?
  • Providing standardized or on-demand reports for manufacturing personnel
    • Should an MES provide reports?
    • Which reports should be created?
    • Should reports be created automatically?
    • Should ad-hoc reports be created?
    • Should reports be distributed automatically (eg by e-mail?)
  • Providing interfaces
    • To which systems should interfaces be provided (e.g., DCS, LIMS, WM, ERP, etc.)?
    • How are these interfaces to be specified in detail?
    • Which communication standards should be supported?
    • Should online interfaces and archive interfaces be made available?