Press Release for the NAMUR General Meeting 2009

from 2009-07-21

NAMUR 2009 Annual General Meeting coined by the 60th anniversary

Mannheim, 8 July 2009 - NAMUR, the international user association of automation technology in process industries, was established on 3 November 1949 as a "standardisation association for instrumentation and control technology in the chemical industry"; hence, it has been representing user interests for 60 years now.

Reasons enough to look back on 60 years of successful work and to look ahead in these challenging times, facing up to future challenges with visions and courage.

Traditionally, the last presentation at an Annual General Meeting establishes the link between the current and the next NAMUR AGM. At the 2008 AGM, Martin Schwibach of BASF addressed "Communication technology in process automation – more than merely a fieldbus" in his key note speech providing the link to the 2009 AGM topic "Communication".

NAMUR was able to find an ideal partner for this year's AGM and its topic: Pepperl-Fuchs. It will be held on 5 and 6 November 2009, for the first time in Bad Neuenahr, a new and stimulating venue.

In his opening speech on "communication technology", Dr. Gunther Kegel, chairman of the management board of Pepperl+Fuchs, is going to outline how tried and tested as well as new technologies influence and will continue to influence communication networks in automation architectures, ranging from field devices, the interface level to control systems.

Aspects such as openness, standardisation, availability, reliability and safety play a paramount role in communication between components and devices of process control technology. Against the backdrop of systems with long life cycles and in view of components from different manufacturers and production periods, it is also necessary to consider interoperability, device integration and maintenance-related substitution.
Tried and tested technologies applied today allow for transmission of additional data that can be used to evaluate the status of process control engineering devices, in particular field devices. This helps to identify deviations from normal operation at an early stage, so that unexpected failure and possible resultant unplanned standstills of systems and costs incurred can be avoided.

"Communication has turned from simple analogue transmission of standard electrical signals to digital communication through a multitude of standardised fieldbuses. Other physical transmission media such as Ethernet and wireless data transmission are about to be applied to the field level of process control systems", summarises Dr. Kegel.

In various workshops, Pepperl+Fuchs is going to outline other examples of applications of state-of-the-art communication technologies. Particularly application requirements and modern concepts for solutions applied in the field are to show users interesting options for continuous improvement of operational excellence in communication. Moreover, they will present and discuss latest trends and new technologies for the future.

With this year's programme, NAMUR as an international association of users of automation technology has put the focus of its AGM on communication and the corresponding options in automation technologies.

Interesting presentations by competent speakers are going to discuss requirements and their possible solutions from the perspective of the users, and provide ample food for thought for new activities. This is why the 2009 Annual General Meeting is going to be an automation technology event that is a class of its own – coined by the 60th anniversary of NAMUR.

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