NE 95 has been revised

from 2013-01-24

The following NAMUR Recommendation has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NE 95  Basic Principles of Homologation (Version: 22.01.2013)

This NAMUR Recommendation aims to set out the basic principles of homologation for the relevant process control equipment and to show the properties of homologation. Furthermore the recommendation provides an overview over existing test standards, NAMUR Recommendation and Worksheets as well as device specific standards.
Due to several revisions carried out on these documents a review on NE 95 was imperative.

Equipment tests focus on determining whether the equipment is suitable for its intended use. Under these aspects the recommendation serves as a guideline for monitoring key ratings from the users point of view.
Therefore, to minimise costs, instead of addressing all testing standards, they include a selection that suits the test's purpose.

Homologation Components are:

• Device Test
• Maintenance Appraisal
• Assembly Appraisal
• Explosion Protection Appraisal
• Application Appraisal

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