NE 132 is newly published

from 2009-06-03

Abstract to NE 132 "Coriolis Mass Meter (CMM)"
(Version: 25.05.2009)

This recommendation applies to flow measurements of liquids and gases with Coriolis mass meters (CMM) in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

A CMM measures the mass flow directly and, in most cases, also the density of liquids and gases, chiefly independent of pressure, temperature and media characteristics.

This NAMUR recommendation  describes the measuring principle, the main components of a Coriolis mass meter, designs and dimensions and the installation and should be regarded as a supplement to the international ISO 10790 standard. Instructions on use and information on the causes of errors, the obtaining of approval from the Office of Weights and Measures (Eichamt) and calibration are also included in this recommendation.

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