NE 127 is newly published

from 2009-07-01

Abstract to NE 127 "RFID Utilisation in the Process Industry"
(Version: 01.07.2009)

This NAMUR recommendation is intended to contribute to a realistic evaluation of the potential for use of RFID in the process industry and as an aid for the planning and realisation of RFID projects.

RFID, as an interdisciplinary technology, offers advantages in all areas in which contact-free identification and/or communication with/between persons and objects is necessary.

The motivation for RFID utilisation is primarily the expected economic advantage. Rationalisation and automation lead to savings which offset the costs of RFID utilisation. However, RFID use may also prove necessary to meet legal stipulations or address special customer wishes. An immediate economic advantage is not always achieved in these cases. Despite this, the savings potential associated with RFID systems should be clarified.

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