NE 121 is newly published

from 2008-09-29

The following NAMUR Recommendation has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NE 121 "Quality Assurance of Control Systems"

This NAMUR recommendation presents a methodical manner to optimise the procurement and operation of industrial process control systems, giving particular consideration to consequential costs. The term –industrial process control systems– refers to the automation systems based on current IT platforms subordinate to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This includes systems and components such as DCS, batch execution systems, the integration of field devices, and detailed operational planning.

The NAMUR recommendation 121 regards the protection of investment (including life cycle costs and protection against production loss caused by unwanted shutdowns) as defined requirements for the industrial process control system which are specified when compiling the user requirement specification. These requirements are consequently considered in a systematic way during system selection and when executing significant measures such as upgrading, expansion or migration. Well-known quality assurance and obsolescence management instruments (obsolescence management = management of obsolescence in the life cycle) based on international norms are employed for the specification of these requirements.

The objective is quality assurance and obsolescence management for the entire life cycle of industrial process control systems. This enables the technical and commercial optimising of the procurement and operation of those systems.

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