NAMUR General Meeting, 06./07.11.2008 in Lahnstein
Sponsor: Honeywell

from 2008-07-16

Process Management for Adding Value to Production Processes

Trends, Issues and Advances in Automating Production Processes to be Spotlighted This Year

Leverkusen, Germany – July 14, 2008 – NAMUR selected Honeywell as the sponsor of its 2008 general session, which this year is themed: Process Management – More than Instrumentation and Control. Honeywell Process Solutions President, Jack Bolick, will deliver the opening lecture and company experts will present on additional timely topics related to trends and advances in process automation beyond the traditional means of control systems.

This year's general session will highlight advanced process automation including the design of production processes. Experts of NAMUR will focus on user perspectives and highlight the requirements, solutions and experiences of member companies in the areas of process management in both continuous and discontinuous plants.

Process management is strategically important to NAMUR members. In order to efficiently and economically run productions in today's process industries, advanced methods and tools above and beyond traditional control systems are required. Producers must be able to react to short-term market requirements flexibly; apply existing resources efficiently and profitably; deliver consistent and optimal quality; adapt to environmental regulations and also cope with evolving technology.

Honeywell: a leader in process solutions

Honeywell was selected as sponsor based on its leadership in the process automation space. The company has notably evolved its Experion® automation system from a Distributed Control System (DCS) to a Process Knowledge System (PKS). The traditional control system as a basic layer is vital for operational stability and safety, but increasingly it will be the basis of an economic and ecologic process management.

In his opening lecture, Jack Bolick will showcase today's spectrum of advanced process management solutions and their benefits. "Advanced automation solutions offer production managers and operators the technologies and tools to yield significant returns to a business and help to reduce waste and energy consumption," said Bolick.

In addition to focusing on the challenges of implementing solution-driven applications, Bolick will examine how operators interact with process control systems and discuss the future direction of the technology. Bolick continued: "A modern, well-designed control system leads to an automated, integrated and efficient operation that uses less power and reduces waste. In addition, it can improve plant profitability by enabling plant staff to work more effectively and make better and faster decisions."

Honeywell experts will deliver additional presentations during workshop sessions to shed light on the theme of process management and its related technologies, as well as discuss case studies from different industries. Furthermore, the presentations will address changes in automation system architecture and the new possibilities and challenges coming along with them.

NAMUR General Session 2008
This year's session promises to be practical and thought provoking

Process control is, and will remain, the basis for stable and secure production. Value-driven process management, however, can yield significant benefits to producers in process industries. This year's NAMUR general conference promises to be both practical and thought-provoking for every attendee.

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