NA 128 is newly published

from 2009-12-20

Abstract to NA 128 "MES Specification and Design – based on the Fictitious Examples of a Beverage Production Process" (Version: 07.12.2009)

The use of an MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) as described in NA 94 is gaining increasing importance. As a result of this growing relevance and of the high complexity of MES functionalities, planning of MES projects according to NA 110 has shifted into the focus of attention. MES projects require interdisciplinary co-operation (plant management, quality assurance, purchasing, sales, production, IT, process engineering etc.). A common terminology and understanding of the design process are essential.. It is advisable to take a systematic approach already in the early project phases, supported by formal or semi-formal methods for describing process engineering, logistic and operational processes. On this basis, it is possible to develop concepts for technical solutions, select systems and products and implement the project.

The purpose of this document is to describe MES design methods. Communication between project stakeholders will be improved. Based on a simple example, i.e. beverage production, planning methods will be presented which are geared to the lifecycle phases defined in NA 110.

The target group addressed by this document consists of the persons involved in the design of MES solutions in the process industry.

When this document was drafted, its authors made sure that it would benefit not only MES specialists, but also people working in sales, purchasing, quality assurance and engineering. The types of documentation and standards used are internationally recognised.

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