NA 114 has been revised

from 2013-02-21

The following NAMUR Recommendation has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NA 114 "Best Practice Fieldbus Applications" (Version: 20.12.2012)

The Best Practice Fieldbus Applications is intended as a decision aid for use of fieldbus technology and as a guideline for the realisation of fieldbus projects.

NAMUR defines a fieldbus as possessing the following system characteristics as a minimum requirement:

• Digital communication right up to the terminal
• Connecting and disconnecting during active operation
• Supply via a signal line
• Open topology

This document primarily addresses those fieldbuses important for process engineering, namely the Foundation fieldbus and Profibus PA and – where relevant – Profibus DP.

The document assumes that the reader is already familiar with the basic principles and terminology used in fieldbus technology. The guideline is intended for PCT planners, PCT process engineers and PCT installation technicians.

These chapters will be discussed more detailed:

• Planning process
• Procurement
• Installation
• Commissioning and
• Operation

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