Field Device Integration

from 2009-12-03

Field device integration in the process industry has involved the competing concepts of EDDL and FDT/DTM for more than a decade. NAMUR recommendation NE105 "Specifications for integrating fieldbus devices in engineering tools for field devices" was published as early as 2004 to clearly define user requirements for equipment integration. To date, neither of these two concepts meets the most important user requirements. As matters stand these two concepts can be expected to harbour long-term disadvantages for both users and manufacturers.The harmonising and fundamental revision of both concepts represents a practical opportunity to achieve necessary improvements and further developments. A uniform solution for equipment integration would also reduce the complexity for users and manufacturers and bundle existing development potential.For this reason, NAMUR and WIB support the development and later utilisation of FDI equipment integration technology (Field Device Integration) as an opportunity to realise a uniform equipment integration solution of this nature. NAMUR working group 2.6 "Fieldbus" will also assist and support further development in direct cooperation with WIB.Requirements such as a common binary format for the Hart, FF and Profibus protocol, including a uniform interpreter, also enable the subsequent adaptation of the applicability and user friendliness of a technology to suit user demands. The enlarging of the EDDL Cooperation Team for FDI cooperation will be welcomed by users as a positive initial step towards the achievement of a practical FDI organisation. FDI should usher in a situation where equipment integration is no longer perceived as an option for the realisation of unique features, but rather a chance to simplify equipment integration and, consequently, ensure the reliability and long-term stability of communication in production plants. For this purpose standards which safeguard investments should also be specified and guaranteed from the outset through suitable manufacturer-neutral certification measures.As all these measures will considerably benefit both users and manufacturers, NAMUR and WIB would urge all involved to actively support ongoing FDI work. Only active support and participation can ensure the realisation of a single approach to uniform equipment integration.For more detailed information:NAMUR Office

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