NE184 "Diagnostics and maintenance functions for process equipment assemblies" has been newly published

from 2023-09-07

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 184 has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

Abstract to NE 184 "Diagnostics and maintenance functions for process equipment assemblies"

The purpose of standardised diagnostics is to provide quick and effective information of the overall status of PEAs, enabling various groups such as the production or maintenance team quickly to recognise changed PEA conditions and respond accordingly. The overall status of a PEA consists of the states of individual automated applications such as services and procedures as well as the states of installed sensors, actuators and system components.

To use the PEA for the various applications concerned, the production team has to be able to recognise whether any restrictions of availability are due to the failure of individual components or to interlockings.

The focus of this NAMUR Recommendation (NE) is on specifying diagnostic concepts for PEAs. It describes the basic integration concept and the assignment to the various roles which are active in the PEA diagnostics environment.

This Recommendation describes various diagnostic concepts and integrates them into diagnostic profiles which build on each other.

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