NE 176 is newly published

from 2021-06-18

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 176 has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

Abstract to NE 176 "NAMUR Open Architecture – NOA Information Model"

NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) aims to make production and plant data easily and securely usable for plant and equipment monitoring and optimization. In order to make this data readable and unambiguous for humans, but also for computers, a uniform data model is required. The syntax and semantics of the parameters must be known to both the sender and the receiver.

Against this background, an information model is needed to achieve flexible and non-proprietary communication between the elements within the NOA structure. This NOA Information Model will then serve as an integrative information space for plant data. The use of a standardized information model guarantees that all applications in the area of Monitoring and Optimization (M+O) know which parameters to expect and in which form, without individual configuration effort.

The aim of the NOA concept is to enable new M+O services and applications that create additional value for the production plant. Therefore, the content of the information model (that is, which parameters are part of the information model) is driven by the use cases that will be enabled by the M+O ap-plications. Based on these use cases, a set of device type independent (e.g., identification parameters) and device type specific (e.g., measuring principle parameters) is defined. Any M+O application can therefore work with these parameters without configuration.

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