NE 175 is newly published

from 2020-07-10

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 175 has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

Abstract to NE 175 "NAMUR Open Architecture – NOA Concept"

The NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) aims to make production data easily and securely usable for plant and asset monitoring as well as optimization.
Smart sensors, field devices, mobile devices and the ubiquitous use of IT equipment are generating more and more data that is often difficult to access within the classic NAMUR automation pyramid. NOA will change this by transmitting this data over a second communication channel without affecting the widely accepted advantages of traditional automation structures and with no impact on the automation system. NOA is therefore suitable for existing systems (brownfield). In addition, NOA is compatible with current developments in automation, such as the Advanced Physical Layer (APL) or the modular approach (MTP), making NOA future-proof for new installations (greenfield).
The recommendation introduces the concept of the overall NOA architecture. NOA uses the traditional process automation systems and defines a new monitoring and optimization domain.
The architecture consists of the following NOA building blocks: A standardized information model (NOA-IM) based on OPC UA; the “NOA diode”; the “NOA verification of request” component and the concept of the “NOA Aggregating Server”. NAMUR recommendations with technical details for each of these components are under development.

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