NE 123 is newly published

from 2008-10-06

Abstract to NE 123 "Service and Maintenance of the Physical Layer of Fieldbuses" (Version: 10.09.2008)

This recommendation should facilitate the user when it comes to commissioning his fieldbus system in a perfect functional condition and to maintain it in good condition through targeted service and maintenance measures. A statement can be obtained at in this manner concerning the fieldbus installation through the targeted detection of errors and error diagnosis of the physical layer, enabling the user to pre-empt malfunctions or system failures. Only fieldbuses which are important in the process engineering industry, the Foundation fieldbus H1 and Profibus are examined in this context.

This NAMUR recommendation addresses the following topics in this context:

  • Explanation of terminology important for a better overall understanding
  • Measurable factors for error diagnosis
  • The commissioning phase
  • The operational phase
  • Requirements governing tools utilised for measuring the physical layer

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