NE 107 has been revised

from 2017-04-10

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 107 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

The document differs from NE 107 edition 2006-06-12 beside editiorial adjustments as follows:

  • Section 8.1 “General” added
  • Section 8.2 - Prioritization of status signals added (table 2) - Request for immediate indication of status signal changes
  • Section 8.3.3 ”Representation of status signals by LED” added
  • Annex Default settings of diagnostics at status of delivery added

Abstract NE 107 ‘Self-Monitoring and Diagnosis of Field Devices’
(Edition: 2017-04-10)

This paper brings together manufacturers' and users' expectations with regard to making use of the potential for diagnosis of field devices. Field devices in the meaning of this recommendation are only sensors and actuators.

Measurement and actuating signals are the most important information from field devices. Further information about the status of the devices is useful and can help the plant operator, DCS system or maintenance staff to take action as required.

This NAMUR Recommendation

  • summarizes the essential terminology,
  • gives the user some pointers to the use of diagnosis functionality in field devices,
  • describes status signals, their meaning and their representation in symbols,
  • prioritizes status signals,
  • lists malfunctions which can be used to set out development goals for device manufacturers with regard to diagnosis functionality of field devices.

This NAMUR Recommendation formulates some fundamental aspects of self-monitoring and diagnosis in field devices. In wide areas contents are still identical to those of VDI/VDE 2650:2006.

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