NE 100 has been revised

from 2021-10-22

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 100 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

This document differs from edition 2010-09-30 as follows:

  • Separate German and English versions
  • Even though this NE 100 is a completely revised version, the structure of the text and the contents of the Annexes are in keeping with the previous version. The text was drafted to provide guidance for the IEC 61987 series of standards which was developed on the basis of the previous NE 100 version. Additional information was included in the Lists of Properties for dynamic data.

Abstract NE 100 ‘Lists of Properties and their Use in Process Control Engineering Workflows’
(Edition: 2021-10-21)

The exchange of product data between various technical disciplines and the associated process control systems is facilitated and can only be automated when both the information to be exchanged and its use have been clearly defined. This NE 100 version makes an important contribution towards achieving this aim.

Devices are specified according to their properties. These properties are compiled in lists of properties (LOPs) each of which describes a specific type of device. The unambiguous and internationally standardized designation of properties facilitates their use in the context of Industry 4.0. It also supports data exchange under the NOA concept.

The properties and lists of properties developed for the IEC 61987 standard series were entered into an electronic IEC database, the Common Data Dictionary (CDD) [1]. Its electronic contents are available for downloading in English and German.

Based on the results of the IEC standardization activities, the 2010 version of NE 100 was revised so that the present version provides guidance for the IEC 61987 standard series as well as appropriate references.

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