NAMUR General Meeting 2011:<br />Diploma candidate from Kassel University receives NAMUR AWARD 2011

from 2011-11-16

The winner of this year's NAMUR AWARD is Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Peretzki's Diploma thesis. The supervisor of Peretzki's thesis entitled "Data mining for process identification" was Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Kroll, Instrumentation and Process Control Engineering, Kassel University. NAMUR is an international association of the users of automation technology in the process industry, representing about 15,000 PCS experts. Beginning in 2005, NAMUR has every year presented an award for outstanding scientific papers (Diploma/Master and doctoral theses) in the field of intelligent process control. The award is endowed with EUR 1,000 and enjoys a good reputation in the expert community.

In 2011 only one paper, i.e. Daniel Peretzki's, received an award. The thesis was written with the co-operation and support of the universities of Linköping, Sweden, and Kassel, Germany, as well as ABB and Perstorp, Sweden.

In the process industry, huge volumes of operating data are stored which in many cases are not fully used. However, used as a basis for the development of dynamic models, e.g. for designing and tuning controllers, they would be of great economic and technical value. This conflicts with the fact that plants are mostly operated in a stationary mode and the resulting data provide little information. In his Diploma thesis Peretzki developed a new process to select automatically from the host of recorded plant operating data those data sequences that are suitable (i.e. provide sufficient information) to identify dynamic process models. In this respect, the thesis differs from data mining approaches looking for stationary correlations in data. Peretzki's thesis spawned a patent application and a scientific publication.

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