NA 166 has been revised

from 2021-03-31

The NAMUR Worksheet NA 166 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

This document differs from NA 166: 2019-04-09 as follows:

  • Several references were changed to primary legal source
  • Requirements specified throughout the document
  • Editorially revised

Abstract NA 166 ‘Application of the Weights and Measures Act to flow-metering instruments in the process industry’
(Edition: 2021-03-15)

NA 166 deals with the on 01 January 2015 entered into force (German) Weights and Measures Act, but does no longer address the transition from previous acts. It rather concentrates on the practical application of the currently valid Weights and Measures Act in the process industry. The legally relevant formulations and references were checked by a calibration authority.

The focus is on energy and product exchange between different companies. The key principles and the possibility of exceptions are explained.

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