NA 157 is newly published

from 2015-11-03

The following NAMUR Worksheet has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NA 157 “Documentation Requirement on Instrumentation from Maintenance Perspective” - (Edition 2015-11-03)

The worksheet is available in Englisch and Chinese language.


Documentation plays a very important role in maintenance. Situations where some documents are missing or some contents are missing are often seen. The missing information will cause negative impact on maintenance and can even cause impact on safety, health and environmental protection.

A clear minimal requirement which defines document type, document content and delivery format can help maintenance staff to define documentation requirement in project and to check documentation quality during handover phase.

NA 157 lists the minimal requirements on documentations that are delivered during project phase and are needed in maintenance phase. This document also describes the aspect and lifecycle management requirements to those documents.

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