NA 1, NE 31, NA 39, NE 44, NA 52 und NE 92 has been withdrawn without replacement

from 2014-10-17

The following NAMUR-Recommendations and –Worksheets are withdrawn without replacement, because they do not comply with the latest state of the technical art and/or the incorporation of the content into the NAMUR set of rules in the existing way is not necessary any more:

-  Withdrawal of NA 01 (Version: 2002-09-06)                        WG 3.1
   Noncontacting Initiators and Accompanying Switching Amplifiers

-  Withdrawal of NE 31 (Version: 2006-07-05)                        WG 4.5
   Plant Safety using Process Control Technology

-  Withdrawal of NA 39 (Version: 2005-05-30)                        WG 3.3
   Specifications for Electronic Discontinuous Scales for Industrial Applications

-  Withdrawal of NE 44 (Version: 2003-02-03)                        WG 3.9
   Standardization of Status Indicators on PCT Instruments with the Help of Light Emitting Diodes

-  Withdrawal of NA 52 (Version: 2002-08-21)                        WG 3.9
   PCT Audit Report

-  Withdrawal of NE 92 (Version: 2002-07-17)                        WG 4.7
   Comments by NAMUR and ZVEI on the Transposition into National Law of the EC Directive on Explosive Protection
   at the Workplace

Withdrawn documents may be requested at the NAMUR Office if necessary (preconditions for the access have to be fulfilled).

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