Automation Modular Plants

Increasing the flexibility of production plants is one of the answers to the fast changing market demands for chemistry and pharmaceuticals. To achieve the necessary flexibility, a modularization of process technology, mechanical construction and automation technology is essential.

In our plants modular automation of process modules (e.g. Package Units) can be realized through the usage of so called Module Type Packages (MTP) in order to increase the flexibility of the production. The MTP contains a vendor neutral and functional description of the process module automation. It can be generated by the engineering tool of the module. Through a simple import of the MTP into the process control engineering of the production plant the module can be easily integrated.

For example by using MTP the HMI of the module, which contains all static and dynamic information, can be generated automatically within the process control system. Furthermore the MTP offers the possibility of a service based control. The NAMUR specifies the MTP together with the ZVEI.


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