“Supporting Digital Transformation” – the 11th NAMUR conference in China 26th to 27th June 2019

vom 2019-07-25

After the 10th anniversary of the NAMUR conference in China, the date of the conference was moved from November to June, beginning with the 11th conference. The reason is to shorten the gap in technology development between NAMUR conferences in Europe and China. About 200 participants, a record so far, attended this event which offered an extensive transfer of knowledge through numerous presentations and workshops on Supporting Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation has been a topic in the Chinese process industry for years. Some solutions and implementations have been available. What is the suitable solution to a problem and what are best practices? Questions of this kind are often raised by professionals in the process industry. At this conference, NOA and practices in NAMUR member companies were presented. Working groups discussed ideas to develop appropriate solutions to general and specific needs in different companies, to develop best practices for promoting digital transformation in member companies with a view to increasing benefits and efficiency.

Safety is one of the licensing requirements to be met by companies in the process industry. NOA, together with other practices and solutions presented by working groups at the conference, demonstrated how digital transformation works in a safe and secure way. Working groups also shared with participants best practices to comply with the latest Chinese environmental protection regulations.

To enhance communication and cooperation with standardisation bodies, guests from standardisation organisations are usually invited to attend the conference. This year, a representative of CESI (China Electronics Standardisation Institute) was invited to present the latest progress in pertinent standards development.

E+H who sponsored the first annual conference in China in 2009 and co-sponsored the 10th anniversary event last year also sponsored this conference by contributing presentations on digital transformation.


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