Topics for NAMUR Activities in China Meeting 2012

Wednesday, November 21st

  8:30~  9:00 Registration    
  9:00~  9:30 Opening Dai Xiaolong BASF-YPC
  9:30~10:00 News from NAMUR Wilhelm Otten NAMUR
10:00~10:30Coffee Break    
10:30~10:45 Introduction of Sponsor Martin Zeller BTES
10:45~12:00 Process Control - Ways into the Future Joerg Theis ABB
12:00~13:30Lunch Break    
13:30~14:00 Project Engineering Integration Lucy Liu Evonik
14:00~14:30 IT Security Wang Le BMSC
14:30~15:10 Group Photo    
15:10~15:30Coffee Break    
15:30~16:00 690V/400V Low Voltage System Comparing Gao Zhirong BASF-YPC
16:00~16:30 Documentation for Maintenance Zhao Yongming BASF-YPC
16:30~17:00 Proof Test of Safety Instrument Yan Hao BASF-YPC
17:00~17:30 Control system engineering - Challenges of process automation Rong Tong ABB
17:30~18:00 Optimizing Operator Effectiveness Howard-Xun Gong ABB
18:00~19:00ABB Exhibition   ABB
19:00~21:00Gala DinnerSponsored by ABB  

Thursday, November 22nd

  8:30~ 9:00ABB Exhibition   ABB
  9:00~  9:15 Industrial Energy Efficiency Services Michael-Li Lin ABB
  9:15~  9:30 Life Cycle Excellence Fowler-Hao Yu ABB
  9:30~10:00 Installation and Maintenance of Ex-proof Device Ling Haiqing BMSC
10:00~10:30 Transformer Efficiency Analysis Yin Shihua BTES
10:30~11:00Coffee Break    
11:00~11:30 Homologation Tests: Trends and Benefits Andreas Wernsdoerfer BASF
11:30~12:00 VPS Gerry Guan Evonik
12:00~12:10 Closing Dai Xiaolong BASF-YPC