Main objectives

  • Minimizing the costs for member companies arising from process control technology
  • Enhancing the availability of process control technology
  • Increasing plant safety.
  • Enabling the exchange of experience among its members and with manufacturers and other associations.

Main topics

  • Interpretation of guidelines, regulations and directives
  • Preparation of check lists as working aids
  • Setting of minimum requirements for equipment and systems
  • Identification of equipment and system development needs
  • Definition of best practice solutions
  • NAMUR member companies openly share information related to automation and process control technology. Experience is pooled for mutual benefit.
  • NAMUR maintains a constructive dialogue with other associations.
  • NAMUR supports national and international standardisation through cooperation in the field of automation if this is to the advantage of member companies.
  • The results of NAMUR–s work are published in
    • NAMUR recommendations and NAMUR worksheets
    • Presentations at the Annual General Meeting
    • Publications in technical journals
    • Contributions to workshops and conferences

NAMUR recommendations (NE) and NAMUR worksheets (NA) are documents prepared by NAMUR for its members and other interested companies and bodies.

  • NE usually define best practice procedures or requirements for devices, systems and services in the process industry and are therefore important documents also for manufacturing companies.
  • NA usually are designed as an aid for member companies in the form of checklists and instructions for practical use.