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This wiki was developed by NAMUR Working Group 2.4, MES, and complements NAMUR Worksheet 155.

NAMUR recommendations and worksheets are empirical reports and working documents prepared by NAMUR for optional use by its members (Article 2 paras 5 and 6 of the Articles of Association). However, also manufacturers, associations, universities or other interested parties may obtain them from the NAMUR Office.


MES Guideline


The use of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) as described in NA 94 is becoming more and more important. As a result of this growing relevance and the high level of complexity of MES functionalities, planning and operating MES are of great significance. In this context MES engineers have to deal with a host of technical and organisational issues. The authors feel that so far these issues have not been adequately documented, but are mainly governed by experience. However, these issues should be dealt with in the most comprehensive manner possible, because such considerations are essential for the success of an MES.


The aim of this document is to identify typical recurrent issues regarding the engineering, implementation and subsequent management of MES. In this context, the document complements NA 110 and NA 128. It provides a list of questions which are designed to highlight the fundamental aspects of implementing the functions defined in ISA 95 as well as aspects relevant to designing the required IT infrastructure.

This document is targeted at persons entrusted with planning and operating MES solutions in the process industry.

This document aims to provide support

  1. in translating specified functions into technical consequences, i.e. in specifying the eventual system as a consequence of the defined requirements, and
  2. in identifying and meeting general (infra)structural requirements.

Scope of application

This guideline addresses project teams consisting of MES planners, project engineers, managers and operators to provide compact advice on aspects to be considered in the MES planning and management process. It is not possible to provide an absolutely complete list of questions. Rather, this document should be regarded as complementing NA 110 und NA 128. As it consists of concise questions the document covers the entire MES life cycle. Its conciseness will help to understand Manufacturing Execution Systems.

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