The new Version 3.2 of NE 100 has been published

from 2010-10-05

The new version of NAMUR Recommendation 100 (NE 100) "Nutzung von Merkmalleisten im PLT-Engineering-Workflow / Use of Lists of Properties in Process Control Engineering Workflows" has been published and is now available from the NAMUR Office.

NE 100 – A further step forward in optimizing business processes for process control technology

On June 25, 2010, the Lists of Properties (LOPs) in the NAMUR Recommendation NE 100 "Use of Lists of Properties in Process Control Engineering Workflows", Version 3.2 were approved. The number of LOPs has thus increased from 108 to 110. Some changes designed to improve use of the LOPs at the operative level have been incorporated. The body responsible for preparing NE 100 is PROLIST® INTERNATIONAL e.V., the successor organisation to the NAMUR Project Group "Lists of Properties". PROLIST® INTERNATIONAL is an independent organisation which maintains close contacts with NAMUR and ZVEI.

To reflect the current status of the LOPs, which can be accessed in the PROLIST database, the text of NE 100 Version 3.2 has been updated and is now available.

The LOPs of NE 100 enable users and manufacturers of process control devices (devices in the areas of electrical engineering, automation technology and instrumentation and control technology) not only to exchange data within their own companies and with other enterprises, but also to support planning and maintenance processes, helping to avoid wrong decisions and thus increasing the availability of plant and equipment. The exceptionally high quality of the plant documentation generated using the LOP technology raises availability levels still further.

The LOPs are intended for describing process control devices and the environment in which they will be installed in the plant. They were prepared in collaboration between manufacturers and users of process control devices, and they comply with international standards governing this field, such as IEC 61360, ISO 13584 and IEC 61987-10.

The 110 LOPs in Version 3.2 cover the full range of process measurement technology (for pressure, flow, density, level and temperature measurements). Actuators are also covered in their entirety. For signal adjustment devices, there are 37 different LOPs. The spectrum of LOPs extends to electric motors and low voltage switchgear as well. Work is underway to include further areas, such as process analysis technology.

In the workflow specified in NE 100, CAE systems play a key role for users of process control equipment. Several vendors of CAE systems who are members of PROLIST are actively promoting the operative use of LOPs by incorporating the NE 100 interface in their CAE systems, or will do so.

The tools PRO-SPEC and PRO-VIEW, which are available to all users for operative use of the LOPs in NE 100, have already been adapted to the status of Version 3.2.

More information on NE 100 and participation in the work of PROLIST® INTERNATIONAL can be obtained from the PROLIST® Office: Dr. Peter Zgorzelski, office[at], Tel. no. +49 (0)214 30-57852, Internet

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