Selection of NAMUR recommendations and worksheets has been withdrawn without replacement

from 2017-03-28

The following NAMUR-Recommendations and –Worksheets are withdrawn without replacement, because they do not comply with the latest state of the technical art and/or the incorporation of the content into the NAMUR set of rules in the existing way is not necessary any more:

NE 023 “Extra Low Voltage Circuits with Safe Separation” (Edition 2004-04-07)

NA 026 “PCT Control Rooms – Process Control Rooms, Control Stations, Auxiliary rooms, Planning Guide for Constructive Design” (Edition 2006-08-07)

NA 030 “Grundzüge der Datenmodellierung mit Hilfe der Entity-Relationship-Method (German only)” (Edition 1996-08-09)

NE 048 “Auxiliary Electrical Power Supply” (Edition 2003-07-22)

NE 057 “Human Interface for Static Frequency Converters” (Edition 2003-12-15)

NE 058 “Execution of Process Control Projects Subject to Validation” (Edition 2002-07-17)

NE 059 “Functions of the Operation Management Level in Batch Oriented Production” (Edition 2002-07-15)

NE 068 “Validation of Process Control Systems – Retrospective Validation of Legacy Stems” (Edition 2002-07-17)

NE 071 “Operation and Maintenance of Validated Systems” (Edition 2003-01-09)

NE 072 “Validation of Process Control Systemes – Validation Support of Use of Control Systems“ (Edition 2002-11-07

NA 073 „Phasenbegleitende Dokumentation von sicherheitsrelevanten PLT-Einrichtungen (German only)” (Edition 1998-01-29)

NE 077 “Maintenance of Stationary Battery Units” (Edition 2003-10-27)

Withdrawn documents may be requested at the NAMUR Office if necessary (preconditions for the access have to be fulfilled)


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