Presentation of Golden Honorary Needles at the NAMUR General Meeting 2013

from 2013-11-27

During his opening speech, Dr. Otten presented the Golden Honorary Needle to Dr. Wolfgang Morr (Bayer Technology Services GmbH).

Dr. Morr received the Honorary Needle for his exceptional commitment and many years of personal service on behalf of NAMUR.

Following his involvement in NAMUR working groups, Dr. Morr took on the position of General Manager in 2007. The task ahead was to develop the association further as a whole.

This also involved international development. A group was set up in China which has established itself extremely well and continues to grow today. The boards of the European associations met for the first time during his era, and contact with ISA was intensified.

The change of venue of the NAMUR General Meeting also numbers as one of his successes.


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