NE 43 has been revised

from 2021-07-27

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 43 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

The change compared to the previous edition of NE 43 (2003-02-03) mainly concern the introduction of a safety margin for signal detection in control systems and the device behavior during initialization.

Abstract NE 43 ‘Standardization of the Signal Level for the Failure Information of Digital Transmitters’
(Edition: 2021-07-26)

The purpose of this recommendation is to standardize the signal level of the failure information in the analog current signal. This creates the basis for a standardized use of the failure signal in automation systems.

Additional information outside of the actual measurement information, is already widespread today due to the use of microprocessors in field devices. A device failure information has been defined as an indispensable part of the status signals of a sensor system.

The use of failure information in digital transmitters with analog output signal provides two major advantages for process control engineering:

  • Faults in the measuring system are thus signaled at an early stage, so that the effects can be limited in information-processing systems by means of failure strategies.
  • In addition, maintenance strategies can be implemented with the aim of increasing the efficiency of PCT maintenance.

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