NE 183 is newly published

from 2022-06-13

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 183 has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

Abstract to NE 183 "Requirements for M+O Sensors"

M+O (Monitoring + Optimization) sensors serve to capture additional information of a production plant and, thus, can contribute to an improvement and optimization of the production process.

The concept is generally based on the introduction of a so-called second channel. Within this, the data extracted from existing M+C (Measurement + Control)-sensors is combined with those from additional sensors, the M+O-sensors. In particular, the M+O-sensors thereby do not control any critical or safety relevant tasks. Thus, in accordance with the aim for cost optimization, the requirements for those sensors are diminished in respect to conventional ones. The utilization of the NOA (NAMUR Open Architecture according to NE175) concept allows an easy, synchronous and manufacturer neutral integration of M+O Sensors in existing Systems.

This NAMUR recommendation recaps initially the NOA concept and defines the aim and scope of the new class of M+O sensors. Particularly, it highlights again that M+O-Sensors can be integrated in both, new and existing production plants. In the further course of the NAMUR recommendation, the requirements for M+O sensors are categorized in so-called “Mandatory” and “Optional” requirements. While the former is obligatory, the latter can be treated as “preferable” or “beneficial”.

In a closing section the NAMUR recommendation summarizes requirements, which are explicitly excluded for M+O sensorics. With this a logical circle is drawn considering the aim for cost efficient solutions for M+O sensors as described in the scope section.

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