NE 162 is newly published

from 2018-03-01

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 162 has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

Abstract NE 162 "Resource Efficiency Indicators for monitoring and improving resource efficiency in processing plants"
(Edition: 2018-02-28)

Resource efficiency, especially energy efficiency, is an important topic today and will be a future core focus area in all production processes. The ubiquitous necessity of resource saving creates numerous new challenges for plant management in the areas of plant design, plant operations and emissions. The capability to measure resource efficiency objectively and comparatively and to visualize resource efficiency independently of external influences will be an equally important challenge. A major part of this challenge is the real-time visualization to allow plant personnel to make necessary operational changes directly and timely.

This recommendation allows plant managers and solution providers to develop methods to implement and to visualize Resource Efficiency Indicators (REIs) beneficial to the operation of plants, specifically for real-time operation. The results can be used by both plant managers and manufacturers of DCS and PIMS to visualize and target the operating point of high resource efficiency. The recommendation provides guidelines for the extension of energy management systems to resource management systems using a consistent hierarchical KPI framework.

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